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  • Perca americana 2.27 kg (51 cm)

Perca americana 2.27 kg (51 cm)

This is my longtime friend, Bobby Dennis, President of Luck E Strike bait company with a really good bass! The actual color of that RC Styx Jerkbait is HerringBone with a Chartreuse belly! Dynamite color and we smoked em’ this week on that bait! If your fishing clear cold water right now, break out the jerkbaits! Remember, your bait will go deeper (and probably catch more fish), if you move down to 6 pound line instead of 8 or 10’pound test!! Godspeed!! jimmy
  • Perca americana 3.18 kg

Perca americana 3.18 kg

This bass actually weighed 7.68. Caught her on a Jimmy Houston Legends Spinnerbait by Luck E Strike!! The bass have moved to the ends of the creeks and bays in southern Okla and Texas!! Get em’ with that Spinnerbait!! Fire Tiger or Chart and White color!! Look for water temp 58 degrees or above! This bass was in 61 degree water! Less than 25 yards away it was only 54 degrees!!! We caught several nice ones throughout the cold windy day yesterday!! God Bless!! jimmy
  • Perca americana en Cypress Lake 2.27 kg

Perca americana en Cypress Lake 2.27 kg

This was my fifth bite today to finish a five fish limit to make the money with a two day total of 26-12 and win $9000. Always excited to make a Check!!! Extremely tuff bite today for me! Caught three Flippin and two offshore! This big girl came using a Flippin technique!!! Godspeed!! jimmy