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  • Corvina negra 13.15 kg

Corvina negra 13.15 kg

@LuanaPigatto "Crossed a big school of black drum on shallow water, and they were hungry! My tip for this situation if you don’t have any shrimp is to just throw a soft lure and let it sit on the bottom, they will find it! Scented is better!"
  • Perca americana

Perca americana

Congratulations to @OutdoorsWithChuck for hooking today's user catch! "Cowboys aren't winning, but I am with these winter bass! Gotten bit on jigs, SWIMBAITS, neds, and wacky drop senko " #endofyearsale
  • Perca americana 600 g

Perca americana 600 g

Congratulations to @briddle8499 for hooking today's user catch! "Walking an upcoming bridge beam job. Couldn’t help myself. 10 quick cast got this beaut. Drop shot never fails. Hope you guys have a great week."
  • Pique


Wanna whop it like @BassinAssassin2407 plops it? Over 2300 Fishbrain anglers can't be wrong. Hint: You might find it on the Black Friday Sale.