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  • Mojarra negra

Mojarra negra

Happy first day of spring! What's the weather like where you are? Here in the Ottawa area, we still have a lot of snow and ice (in some spots). This photo was taken during a recent evening when the crappie bite was on good! It's been a memorable ice season BUT I cannot wait for warmer weather, OPEN WATER, and being able to shed some of these layers!
  • Trucha arcoíris

Trucha arcoíris

Day one at the London Boat Fishing & Outdoor Show is underway! I snuck in some fishing time at the Fishing Friendzy trout pond and caught a couple nice little rainbows! It was also fun chatting trolling for walleye at my first seminar of the weekend! We are open until 9pm tonight, and then 10am-7pm Saturday & 10am-5pm on Sunday. Looking forward to chatting with more friendly fishing folks all weekend!
  • Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte (89 cm)

Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte (89 cm)

35-INCH WALLEYE! A week ago, this GIANT showed up on my flasher, crushed my Snap Rap, and caused me to burst into tears the moment I pulled her up through the ice! I am still pinching myself but thankfully captured it all on VIDEO (see previous post) so that I may relive this moment again and again! Thank you to everyone that has watched the video so far and has sent kind words and messages of congratulations and support! The fishing community is truly a special bunch. I am so grateful to be able to share this moment with others who share this passion!
  • Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte

Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte

It was an interesting (almost) 2 days on the ice.... Day one was SUPER windy! Oh boy! I captured a video of my pop-up shelter collapsing while bringing in this walleye (coming to my YouTube channel soon)! Day two... I stepped in a 10" snow-covered hole from day one that didn't freeze back over. This shortened day two significantly! Yep, my WHOLE leg went down and it was chilly! Has this ever happened to you?!
  • Mojarra negra

Mojarra negra

After a busy but wonderful Christmas spent with family, I've finally kicked off the hard water season ️ It was so much fun getting into crappie and bluegill on ultralight gear! Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for all of your support in 2018!
  • Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte 4.56 kg

Lucioperca americana en Bay of Quinte 4.56 kg

Not my biggest walleye of the year, but certainly a memorable one! We had to bust our way through a skim of ice to get out on the water on this day and before all the lines were even in the water, this 10-pound walleye chomped on a Rogue Perfect 10! It was a bit chaotic but what a start to a day! My open water season is done for the season as my boat is booked in to be winterized at Urban Sport on Thursday.... The tears are real!