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  • Trucha arcoíris 3.97 kg (79 cm)

Trucha arcoíris 3.97 kg (79 cm)

Do you wanna catch the fish of your dreams? If so, consider joining the more than 350,000 people in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho who read my fishing column, CaughtOvgard, in their local newspaper every week. . If your local paper doesn’t have my column, you can subscribe directly for just $1 per month at and receive access to a wealth of information and engaging stories about the 439 species of fish I’ve caught that promise something for everyone. . I’ve notched three IGFA all-tackle world records and hold more IGFA Trout Grand Slams than almost anyone else alive. Subscribe today to see how!
  • Trucha arcoíris 1.39 kg (56 cm)
  • Trucha arcoíris 1.39 kg (56 cm)

Trucha arcoíris 1.39 kg (56 cm)

Fishing has been slow but consistent. Nothing big yet, though I did have a 28-plus-incher swoop on my swimbait after it stopped snowing the other day. . Subscribe to my weekly fishing column for $1 a month and get tons of great content
  • Trucha arcoíris 1.87 kg (61 cm)

Trucha arcoíris 1.87 kg (61 cm)

Snuck out with @alexlindsey for some socially-distanced trout fishing during the rain/snowstorm yesterday. We went 1/2 in a couple hours. . Read about fishing opportunities near you in my weekly fishing column. . Subscribe for $1/month at
  • Trucha arcoíris en Barkley Spring 1.50 kg (56 cm)
  • Trucha arcoíris en Barkley Spring 1.50 kg (56 cm)

Trucha arcoíris en Barkley Spring 1.50 kg (56 cm)

Dad and I braved the snowstorm for some socially distanced fishing today. He outfished me 2-0, and though these fish were smaller than we normally catch and one has a nasty lamprey wound, it was a great day. . I needed a break today because after nearly seven years writing for newspapers around the PNW, almost all of my contracts were terminated due to Coronavirus-related budget constraints. . If you’ve enjoyed reading my columns in your local paper in Bend, Blackfoot, Estacada, Klamath Falls, Longview, Medford, Pendleton, Roseburg, Seattle, or Woodburn, please know you can still read them by subscribing to my Patreon (www.patreon/CaughtOvgard), a site that enables writers to keep producing content in the ever-changing landscape. . For as little as $1 per month, you will be able to read my column every week, just as so many of you have for half a decade. . Additional tiers at $3, $10, and $25 per month add in access to even more exclusive content, including up to 4 additional stories per month, merch, signed copies of my upcoming book, and a chance to win one of several guided fishing trips for trophy Redband Trout with yours truly. . Payment is processed securely when you sign up and on the first of the month thereafter, so if you signup today, you’ll pay again on May 1. . Click the link to subscribe to CaughtOvgard, which will be available every Friday morning. . Thank you for your support, and I hope you continue reading. .