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  • Perca canadiense 2.49 kg

Perca canadiense 2.49 kg

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  • Perca canadiense 1.36 kg

Perca canadiense 1.36 kg

Congratulations to @TwitchTV_GamersOutdoors for hooking today's user catch! "The winds were so strong on Sunday that I almost got frustrated and gave up. Just then, the winds began to break and the bass started biting!"
  • Perca canadiense en Big Rideau Lake

Perca canadiense en Big Rideau Lake

Did anyone get out on the water this weekend?? I was fortunate to have two special clients aboard my boat today This father-and-daughter team toughed it out through a very windy and chilly day to learn more about bass fishing. Thank you Addison and Jason for a fun, memorable day on the water!
  • Perca canadiense en Peterson Creek 2.44 kg

Perca canadiense en Peterson Creek 2.44 kg

What a day on a special lake..can’t wait for y’all to see these videos! Here is how we did it.... Focused on individual boulders in 20-22 with a 1/4 Trokar Nedhead hook paired with Googan Baits Rattling Ned Rig in California Craw color. I really recommend using 15lb braid with a 10lb fluorocarbon leader. This helps in detecting the bite. We were able to find big boulders with the Garmin Panoptix Live Scope units all over the place and literally see the the bass next to crazy. Spinning rod setup was a Favorite Rods JackHammer series rod and a Favorite Reel Spinning reel. Truly this place is special..check out the map for the exact location.