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  • Rock bass en Roberts Cove 230 g (25 cm)

Rock bass en Roberts Cove 230 g (25 cm)

This little guy is an invasive pest in Lake Winnie, and I can see why they’re taking over. Even with smallies nearby, these rock bass are so aggressive they beat them to the lure every time. I caught 16 of these off the dock on this same little jig. If you’re ever bored with time to kill on your lunch break, hit the nearest dock with a light spinning rod and one of these tied on to 8# fluoro. I don’t care where you are in the world, you’ll catch some fish. Let it fall to the bottom, sit for 5 Mississippi’s, then start twitching it back. Most of my hits came while it sat on the bottom. Watch your line to know when they’ve picked it up.