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  • Corvinón ocelado

Corvinón ocelado

@FlatsMafiaFishing "The water temps are cooling off here in Tampa Bay, which brings out the #Redfish schools. This is a great time of year to target Redfish by finding the Mullet. You will want to keep a variety of baits handy. Sometimes they get finicky with what they prefer to eat. So if you're loading up with whitebait keep all the Pinfish you catch as well. Always a good idea to have a couple of cold boxes of Threadfins. "Find the Mullet, find the fish". Look for Mullet that are swimming in big groups, Redfish and #snook will be with them eating whatever the Mullet are kicking up from the bottom."
  • Corvinón ocelado en Bayou Dulac 3.23 kg (66 cm)

Corvinón ocelado en Bayou Dulac 3.23 kg (66 cm)

These cold days have me reminiscing about warmer days in the Louisiana marsh a couple weeks back. Nothing beats pluckin pumpkins out of the grass with a topwater. Literally spent 90% of this day standing and watching, with every cast of the Skitterwalk being at a fish I could see. Anyone else ever just get into the zone, and you feel like you know EXACTLY what the fish are doing around you? These gals were all hunting way up in the thick grass, and I had to cause a ruckus on the surface to lure them out. I think I landed 9 slots this day.