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  • Sargento en Rio Cuiuni

Sargento en Rio Cuiuni

One of the power house fish from the Amazon Rivers. When this fish hits your lure makes your knees buckle! #TBT Portuguese translation: Um dos peixes mais poderosos dos rios amazônicos. Quando esse peixe pega sua isca seus joelhos dobram!
  • Sargento 2.38 kg (64 cm)

Sargento 2.38 kg (64 cm)

Not all pictures turn out as well as you expect. Look at the reflection in my glasses to see me trying in vain to set the self-timer on my phone. . I sight-fished this beautiful Peacock using finesse tactics, and it took some doing, but he finally committed.
  • Sargento


What species have you caught so far in June? #summerfishing @SouthFloridaAngler "First Peacock in the Month of June! Looking forward to catching these fellas more often! "