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  • Perca americana en Big Rideau Lake 1.87 kg

Perca americana en Big Rideau Lake 1.87 kg

What do you do after fishing a 3-day tournament, getting up at 4am each day, fishing your heart out on very little sleep... plus all the hours of pre-fish and prepping..? You get a few hours of sleep in and go fishing once again! This was me on Sunday last weekend after the FLW Canada Cup, but this time I was fishing towards home in the Ottawa Valley area. I wanted to go on a big fish mission! Thankfully this green gal showed up making my weekend even more awesome! I just can't get enough!
  • Perca americana en Bay of Quinte

Perca americana en Bay of Quinte

Yesterday Erik Luzak and I were able to put together 18.10 pounds of largemouth bass which put us in 10th place going into day 2 at the FLW Canada Cup on the Bay of Quinte! Hopefully we can find some good fish today in order to make the top 20 cut for day 3! Thank you to all who have been following and supporting us! Can't wait to get back out there! The weigh-in starts at 4pm (you can watch it live on the FLW Canada Facebook page) or drop by Compass Court in Trenton.