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  • Perca americana 600 g (32 cm)

Perca americana 600 g (32 cm)

Went out with another member of the kayak club im a member of in new jersey called south jersey kayak bass club my buddy sean for the first time on kayaks in 2019 and got me this chunky 12.5 incher we battled weather and wind but it was fun also check out my channel at like share and subscribe thank you i am also going to make a spanish channel for those who dont speak english look for that in a couple of months tight lines my friends
  • Perca americana en Cypress Lake 2.27 kg

Perca americana en Cypress Lake 2.27 kg

This was my fifth bite today to finish a five fish limit to make the money with a two day total of 26-12 and win $9000. Always excited to make a Check!!! Extremely tuff bite today for me! Caught three Flippin and two offshore! This big girl came using a Flippin technique!!! Godspeed!! jimmy
  • Perca americana en Big Sawgrass Swamp 2.36 kg (56 cm)

Perca americana en Big Sawgrass Swamp 2.36 kg (56 cm)

Rob Turkla of LunkersTV ,you tube channel,and I were filming on Okeechobee Thursday. This 5 pounder hit a jig in the reeds. We caught several more this size flipping small patches of reeds just outside of the spawning flats. The small males were on the beds but the bigger females were in the reeds. Later that afternoon we saw some seagulls diving back in the reeds and we caught a bunch from 2-5 pounds for a second you tube show. I'm learning you tube from the best, my son Scot and Rob Turkla! My channel is now growing 300-500 subscribers a day and Rob thinks I'll break 50,000 by this summer!
  • Perca americana en Brown Lake 4.08 kg (69 cm)

Perca americana en Brown Lake 4.08 kg (69 cm)

Two is always better than ONE..I had a great week on Toho in the FLW Tour Event. Caught both of these fish on a watermelon red finesse worm. The crazy part is both were fought on 15lb tactical PLINE in the thick grass! I was so nervous trying to land them! 4/0 Trokar Mag worm hook and a 7.3 Favorite rush rod. It was very calm and the finesse worm was rigged on a 1/32 oz pegged bullet weight. I fished It very slow through the holes in the Lilly pads and hydrilla. Can’t wait for y’all to see the video soon!
  • Perca americana en Big Sawgrass Swamp 2.84 kg (58 cm)

Perca americana en Big Sawgrass Swamp 2.84 kg (58 cm)

This 6 pound plus largemouth ate a 1/2 once jig in the reeds! But the "right reeds" are the issue. These better reeds are the small patches that are adjacent to the spawning pockets. These spawning pockets on Okeechobee are clearer than the outside water,they have a hard sand or shell bottom, not a mud bottom,this one had small dollar pads scattered about and most importantly, it had visible spawning beds. I didn't see any big bass on these beds so I pitched and flipped these reed patches and caught several big ones!