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  • Perca americana en Mantrap Lake 2.15 kg

Perca americana en Mantrap Lake 2.15 kg

Had an opportunity to fish with Pop and thing is true..Minnesota Bass love the Bandito Bug..Jimmy and Pops not so My set up was a 7.3 H Favorite Rush rod, 17lb PLINE Tactile, TroKar TK130 5/0 hook, Shimano Metanium and a Watermelon Red Googan Bandito Bug. I was targeting 12ft milfoil grass edge..I was making long cast and pumping the bait through the grass..make sure to let it settle to bottom each time you ”Pump it up”...
  • Perca americana en Bay of Quinte

Perca americana en Bay of Quinte

What have you been catching lately?! I haven't been posting many photos recently as I was focused on pre-fishing over the past few weeks for the FLW Canada Cup that took place this past weekend. I spent many days on the water getting to know the Bay of Quinte even better as I graphed like crazy using my Humminbird. Here's a largemouth I found on an isolated weed clump a couple weeks back!