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  • Perca americana

Perca americana

@RolandMartin "A joy I have in fishing is to take young anglers fishing and to have them catch their PB. This 6.25 pound bass is a perfect example. It hit a 5" senko in an airboat canal, deep in the Florida Everglades!" Congratulations! #personalbest #youngangler
  • Perca americana 3.91 kg (58 cm)

Perca americana 3.91 kg (58 cm)

This is the fattest bass I ever seen and I caught it from shore! The crazy thing was that I cast a senko and when this fish hit, I set the hook real hard and broke the line! A little while later, Trent snags the line by accident and hand lands the giant bass in! Is it my bass or is it Trents?