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@LuanaPigatto "Caught this Big Cuda on a soft plastic on the retrieve of the lure. She fought like a champ, running and jumping all around me! Who said Barracuda are not a fun fish to catch? :wink:"
  • Barracuda 9.07 kg (1.22 m)

Barracuda 9.07 kg (1.22 m)

George McLaughlin and I with a 20 lb barracuda which was eating everything we brought near the boat. We were snapper and grouper fishing about 30 miles SW of Naples Fl in the Gulf of Mexico. A 8 inch piece of 30 to 50 # Monel wire and a live pinfish really catches barracuda. They fight really good and I've had them jump over the T-top on a 21 ft bay boat. A jump like that is really dangerous however and a woman was killed about 20 years ago in the Florida Keys by a hooked barracuda as it jumped across the boat. Keep constant pressure on the fish and it will always try to go the other way. In other words, no slack lines!