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  • Pejelagarto
  • Pejelagarto


Some times you just got to give back to the sport you love. If you love Texas gar fishing then get ready to join (TGFA). Gar awareness and conservation if you would like to be part of this you can contact them at [email protected] or visit there instagram and Facebook website is still under construction. Https:// Https://
  • Pejelagarto 22.68 kg

Pejelagarto 22.68 kg

Capt Cody’s last catch of the year. We going in off season mode for gar and will start back up heavy in March. On the meantime stay tune to some off season catches like BIG CATFISH ! Who is ready for that?
  • Pejelagarto 49.90 kg (1.98 m)

Pejelagarto 49.90 kg (1.98 m)

I took some Chinese travelers out in search of some River Monsters and we found some! Check out the the trailer video in my Fishbrain , full episode will go live next week on fishing with Bubba.
  • Pejelagarto 69.40 kg

Pejelagarto 69.40 kg

Capt Cody today on Lake Livingston landed 12 alligator gar with the biggest being this 153lb and a 135lb and off the water by 1pm.He has been guiding with Garzilla for 7 years now and fishes FULL TIME 7 days a week. 2019 booking up quick.