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  • Sábalo en Bimini Bay 45.36 kg

Sábalo en Bimini Bay 45.36 kg

Favorite time of year. Tarpon Time here in the Tampa Bay area. These fish migrate here during May and June and our area is infused with Big Tarpon. We hooked this one off the beach of Anna Maria. A couple of techniques we use to catch them include: - Get away from the crowd. We have popular passes here that get a little crazy with anglers fishing for Tarpon. So go find your own fish. - Use the trolling motor upon approaching. We see numerous boaters just drive to the fish with there motor on and spook the school. Locate the rolling fish and get in front of them and get ready. - Tackle. You need a stout rod for these fish matched with a minimum of a 6000 series reel. 50lb leader with a 5/0 or 6/0 circle hook. - Bait, we prefer pass crabs but threadfins and greenbacks will work as well. - Overall technique for the hook up requires the proper presentation. Locate fish, approach with trolling motor ahead of the schools path. Cast bait 10 yards in front of their path and don't move the bait (let it do the work). Once you hook up - Hang on, don't forget to "Bow to the King" when they jump! PS. Please take care of the fish during revival. One way to do it is hold the mouth and put the boat in gear, she will let you know when she's ready to swim off.