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  • Trucha común

Trucha común

I can never resist a trout feeding on top...even if it meant getting into water above my waist in an attempt to get closer. I was still about 40 feet away but the water was just too deep to go any further. I wasn’t sure how I did it, but I managed to cast my fly to her and watched her head come out to take my fly. That totally made my day! * * * #longdistancecast #dryflyfishing #dryflyaddict #flyfishing #5050onthewater #fishing #deercreekflies #amffinthewild #fishbrain #flyfishinglife #loopusa
  • Perca americana en Camp Keais Strand 4.31 kg (66 cm)

Perca americana en Camp Keais Strand 4.31 kg (66 cm)

This monster 9 pound 8 once largemouth hit a devils horse topwater plug this last Thursday afternoon. That morning it was sunny and calm and I caught a few on a wacky worm senko but then, about noon the weather changed. It got overcast , a little wind and the temperatures dropped. I switched patterns to topwater and this monster hit next to this deep bank behind me . It might have been a spawner but I couldn't see any beds!